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Behind the Song: "Anyone But You"

I wrote this song when I was a single twenty something. I had never been married, never been in love, and had been through the ringer a time or two with awful relationships. I was over the game, drama, and disappointment of dating.

The first line came to me in the shower, which let's be real, is one of the BEST places to think creatively.

"You inspire me, baby. Like sunsets, or oceans."

I thought, "I want to be with someone like that someday. Someone who is interesting and inspiring. Someone who puts good in the world. Someone who brings so much good to my world and vice versa."

As I continued to think through this idea of being with someone who inspired me, I decided I wanted to write the song about the type of love and marriage I wanted to have someday. To recognize the romance and frustration of it all. To be comfortable enough to disagree and "fight" about things, but mature enough to talk it out and reach a resolution before we went to sleep that night. To stick it out through ups and downs and still be together when we're old and gray and wrinkly with grandkids running around us. To be able to look at each other and say, "I'm so glad we're still together. Look what God has done."

It took several years for this one to be completed. It was only when I reconnected with the man who would become my husband (that's for another post!!), and we decided that "Anyone But You" would be our first dance song for our wedding, that I put the finishing touches on the song. And yes, he inspires me and we disagree and it's not always sunshine and butterflies. It's hard and holy work, and I am blessed.

As a Christian who is an artist, I never want to shy away from the real, everyday things of life in my art. The struggles, the moments, the places where we all live and experience things every day is where the good stuff happens. Writing about and singing about love and relationships are one of those places. Most of my love songs are written to or about my husband. I hope to create one soon for my son. If you're single and losing hope of finding someone to love, I hope this song reignites that hope, and inspires you to keep going. If you're married and maybe growing tired or wondering when it gets easier, remember that anything worth having is probably going to take some hard work, commitment, and deep breaths, but it's worth it. If you're not in either of these camps, I hope you'll still take a listen and share the song with anyone you think may like it! :)

You can purchase "Anyone But You (first dance song)" on Apple Music here. Or listen on Spotify here.

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