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Dear Tired Worship Leader

Dear Tired Worship Leader,

I see the hours you’re putting in to lead well. Not only on a stage somewhere, but more importantly off the stage, too. In green rooms. In coffee shops. In meetings. In rehearsals. In group texts, emails, and hard conversations.

Sunday is coming. Always coming.

And now, on top of it all, you’re in the throes of the Christmas planning season:

  • Trying to support a $1,000,000 vision with a $1000 budget.

  • Working to schedule volunteers.

  • Trying to capture the “magic of the season” in your Christmas planning and prep while maintaining excellence for your regular weekend services.

  • Working to get setlists and worship director notes out to your people.

  • Trying to bring your best, and hoping the team shows up knowing the music, ready to bring their best, too.

  • Working diligently despite your introvertedness or insecurities or doubts to provide the leadership that you want to provide, hope you’re providing, simultaneously questioning if what you do is making any difference.

  • Trying to mentally prepare for spending time away from your family during the holidays to serve others and their families.

All the while feeling the weight of responsibility on your heart, mind, and shoulders, and then feeling guilty because, “I know I’m supposed to cast my cares on the Lord!”...

Another year in ministry is swiftly coming to a close. You may be questioning it all. Passive about it all. Dreading it all.

I see you. I’ve been you.

20 yrs in worship ministry = a lot of weekends, holidays, conversations, and last minute PCO declines.

Ministry is weighty in ways that even those closest to us are often not able to understand. And as 2023 moves closer to handing the reins over to 2024, the weariness and stress are often compounded as we are putting in more hours, more care, more time for the people and the mission we believe in. For the Savior we want everyone to have an opportunity to draw close to.

But something I’ve learned the hard way (over and over and over again) is this:

We are only truly life-giving when we spend time with the Giver of Life ourselves.

Slow down and read that again.

Also remember, we need to do things that are life-giving for our souls. We need to spend enough time with the ones who truly care about us and know us and will support us no matter what. And we need to be able to step away from being “on” and just be “off” for a day or two.

So if you can, take an extra day off before December, or at least before your Christmas services get here. Talk with your pastor, campus pastor, worship pastor, etc. Let them know that you need some time to recharge and take care of yourself before this important time in the life of the church is upon you.

And remember, you’re not doing this work alone. Even if you’re a one-man or one-woman team this year, there are thousands of us working diligently to bring our best and share Jesus with everyone who will walk into our sanctuaries and worship centers this Christmas season. You’re part of this incredible community.

I am praying for you and over you: strength of spirit, courage to carry on, energy, a feeling of hope and encouragement, a belief in the assignment God has called you to, wisdom in navigating the relationships and conversations you have on a weekly basis, and true joy at the wonder of God’s love for you.

Keep going.

It matters.

You matter.

All My Best,


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