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Christmas vocal prep workshop!

It's a CHRISTMAS IN JULY vocal prep event!

With me, Vocal Coach & Worship Leader, Sara Scott McDowell.

Sign up below to save your seat!


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PLUS! You'll get a bonus gift AND a chance to win a 60 minute 1:1 vocal coaching session with me, but only if you attend!


Christmas 2024 is the year your voice feels, sounds, and recovers the best it ever has...

With multiple Christmas worship services (on top of normal weekends), extra rehearsals, extra stress, cold and flu season, and an extra long to-do list, the Christmas season can wear us and our voices OUT.


If you're like most worship leaders or worship singers I know and have coached (including myself until a few years ago), you don't think about your Christmas vocal prep until the day of the first Christmas rehearsal.

But here's the thing: for most of us, Christmas or Christmas Eve services put a LOT more demand on our voices and bodies. The added excitement of the season alone is enough to raise the stress level and stress response.


In this workshop, I want to coach you through a better way to get your voice to a whole new level this Christmas. Here's some of what we'll go over:

  • WHY to start prepping your voice NOW

  • WHAT exactly you should be focusing on

  • WHEN to practice and when to rest

  • HOW to build up your vocal strength, control, clarity, and stamina month after month

You'll leave the workshop with the first month's Christmas Vocal Prep coaching plan laid out for you for FREE! You'll also get a bonus AND have the chance to win a 60 minute, 1:1 vocal coaching session with me! But only if you attend!

Sign up today, and let's get your voice ready for Christmas!

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