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put your best voice forward

Customized online and in person vocal coaching.

Helping you develop the unique voice that only you have.

here's how it works:


Vocal Discovery Session

During this step, we'll get to discover all of the wonderful nuances of your unique voice! We'll meet for a thorough evaluation of where you're at currently with your vocals, any "problem areas" you want to work on, and where you want your voice to take you. This time also gives us an opportunity to learn a little bit more about each other through laid back convo and learning. 


So, What's the Plan?

After your Vocal Discovery Session, I'll have a better idea of the specific kind of training and support you need. I'll take all of the info I've gathered and use that to design your customized Vocal Action Plan! I send this action plan to you within 7 days after your Vocal Discovery Session so you can look over it and decide how you would like to move forward. Most action plans include learning how to warm up and cool down, good breath support and posture, good vocal technique, what good vocal health looks like, sounds like, and feels like, how to interpret a song and not just imitate, and how to honor the unique voice that God has given you. 


Let's Get It Started!

If you're ready to cultivate the unique voice that only you have, reach out to me using the form below! Just type "Coaching Info" into the subject line, and I'll send you my current pricing and vocal session package offerings, and we can get your Vocal Discovery Session scheduled asap. Let's get started with putting your best voice forward!

Ready to grow?

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Congrats!! You're one step closer to putting your best voice forward!

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