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What I do


I'm a seasoned Worship Leader and performer with a career that spans 20+ years in Worship Ministry, and 25 years in the music industry. I have a proven track record of leading Christ-centered worship with excellence and creativity, growing and developing worship teams and worship cultures, working with individuals through vocal coaching, worship mentoring, and studio consulting, and connecting people. I believe we should bring our best to each area of our lives, and I would love to work with you and your team as you work to accomplish that very thing!

Take a look below at what I do. Then head to the "Let's Work Together" page to get in touch!

Worship Leader

Sunday mornings, mid-week gatherings, team nights, women's ministry events, youth worship, conferences, retreats, songwriting retreats, staff meetings, and more.

Vocal Coach & 

Helping vocalists with vocal health, breathing, and vocal performance. 1-1 lessons and group instruction available. 

Studio Work

Demo vocals, bgv's, lead vocals, and acoustic guitar. 

Weddings and
Special Events

Weddings, engagement parties, surprise performances...I'd love to help you provide the right musical backdrop for your special event!

Worship Leader

Is your church in need of an interim Worship Leader? Does your Worship Leader or Worship Director need some time off to rest and recharge? I'd love to come care for them, your church, and your worship team during a season of respite or transition.

Worship Coach & Consultant

Whether Worship Leader mentoring, observational feedback, 1-1 training sessions, or workshops for your entire team, I can help provide development in key areas of worship ministry.

Songwriter & Arranger

Award winning songwriter. My strengths are the chorus, turning a phrase, and painting pictures with words. 

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