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Vocal Fundamentals Week 4: Lip Trills

Today, we're talking about one of my favorite vocal exercises: LIP TRILLS!


Lip Trills are done by pursing your lips together and blowing air through until it makes a rattling or "trill" sound. Think of blowing a raspberry but without sticking your tongue out.


For some, Lip Trills are difficult to do at first. If this is you, simply push your pointer fingers gently into where your "smile lines" would be on either side of your mouth to help support those muscles. You can use this technique until your muscles are developed and familiar enough with how to do Lip Trills without the extra support.


So, what makes a lip trill such a great vocal warm up exercise and vocal exercise in general?


I'm so glad you asked! : )


Lip Trills are a gentle way to warm up the singing muscles in your face, lips, tongue, and jaw. When paired with notes and scales, they also work to warm up the voice in a very gentle way.


In order to maintain a sustained lip trill with no strain, diminished breath, or broken trill sound, you also have to learn good breath control as well as have the right balance of looseness and support in the singing muscles in your face. It's a very multi purpose vocal exercise!


Another great way to use a lip trill is on your vocal rest days or when you're recovering from being sick. Lip Trills can have a very therapeutic effect on your voice and singing muscles when done correctly, so keep this vocal exercise in mind for days when you're dealing with vocal fatigue, allergies, getting over a cold or sinus infection, or have been doing a lot of singing.


Your assignment this week: incorporate lip trills into your day


Here's how:


You can do this exercise at any point during your day: in the car, getting ready, taking a shower, making a meal, doing laundry, taking a walk, etc. They are super easy and fun to do wherever you are.


And if you have kids, they LOVE to do lip trills! Invite them to learn and do them with you. For them, it becomes a fun and silly way to connect with you and be a part of your singing practice and prep. And who knows, maybe you'll have another singer in your household!


I want to remind you today: We need the unique voice that you have! Don't be afraid to use it and take care of it! I know it's easy to let practice, vocal health, and solid vocal foundations fall to the wayside when life happens, but hopefully Lip Trills are an easy way for you to stay on top of your warm ups and voice care today.


Next week, we're talking about STRAW EXERCISES. Have you ever used a straw as part of your vocal warmups or vocal practice? I'll show you how in next Tuesday's newsletter!


Until then, I hope you enjoy your week. If you need prayer, support, or have questions, reach out!


Talk soon!

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