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Vocal Fundamentals Week 8: Vocal Fry

Updated: May 1

Welcome to Week 8 in this Vocal Fundamentals Series! Today's vocal fundamental is: VOCAL FRY


Never heard of Vocal Fry?


You're not alone.


Lots of vocalists have never heard of this particular exercise. However, you've possibly utilized it without even knowing it.


Click HERE for an example of Vocal Fry. Take a listen and see if it sounds familiar.

This particular exercise has been the source of some controversy amongst vocalists and vocal coaches. Some swear by it. Some avoid it like the plague. Some think it ruins your voice. Some think it's the best thing for your voice.

My approach: Vocal Fry can be very effective and therapeutic when used the right way for your particular voice. But, I also encourage most of my vocal coaching clients to use it sparingly and carefully.


When you do Vocal Fry correctly, it can be very relaxing for your vocal cords. If your voice is currently feeling tired, or you find you're having some "stickiness" or squeaks, especially in the low end of your range, give Vocal Fry a try and see if it helps your voice release a little bit.


Also try to release any tongue, jaw, or neck tension overall while doing Vocal Fry. You may feel a little bit of pressure or pull in the lower front part of your neck/throat, but that is normal.


Like any vocal exercise, if you ever feel any pain when doing Vocal Fry, STOP right away. Let your voice rest and then you can choose to come back and try it again later or not.

Here's your assignment this week: try Vocal Fry at least once this week and see how it makes your voice feel and sound.

As always, if you need support or prayers, or if you have any questions, reach out and I'll respond as quickly as I'm able to. I'm here to help, and I don't want you to go one more day feeling like you can't put your best voice forward!

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