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Why I Love Working With Vocalists

Behind every voice is a unique set of characteristics - a different tone, texture, range, and level of natural ability accompanies every note. Different challenges, insecurities, and areas of confidence lie behind every run, every adlib, every break, and every breath.

I've been given the most amazing gift with getting to work alongside and with so many vocalists over the years. Some voices are deep. Some are high pitched. Some are what we call smooooooth. Some seem to defy what a normal singer should be able to do. Some voices can bring us to tears and inspire us in ways that other things just can’t.

Singing has a power that when harnessed and expressed skillfully can bring healing and hope in the darkest of times and places. And as singers, we have this amazing ability to pull others into the art, feeling, and emotions we are expressing, whether in a worship service, a jazz club, a wedding, or the lullabies we sing to our little ones.

Some vocalists know how to naturally feel and interpret a song in their own way. They have no problem owning the meaning of what they are singing. Others have to be assured that it’s ok to interpret in their own way and not just impersonate the other singers they’ve heard or looked up to. If that's you, don't worry. I promise you will find your voice along the way : )

Every vocalist's life experiences, genres they've listened to through the years, if they sang in a choir or not, if they are more extroverted or more introverted, if they are confident in front of a crowd, all of these things also play a role in where a vocalist currently is in their abilities and gifts and how they will learn going forward.

Additionally, every vocalist's ear hears things a little differently. One of my vocal coaching clients can sing going up a major scale perfectly, but coming back down, their ear and voice want to change things to a minor scale. It’s fascinating! They are working hard to train their ear, not to get rid of this natural tendency and ability, but to learn how to sing both major and minor scales when they need or want to. It takes discipline, and they are making it happen!

I have another client who already knows how to interpret and feel a song like a pro, but is learning how to add good technique like vocal and breath support and control to their vocal tool box. Over time, they will learn to bring everything together in ways that will allow them the versatility and stamina as a vocalist that they want to achieve. They are putting in the hard work to put it all together!

There is no one size fits all when it comes to vocal coaching and learning to sing or learning to sing better. Every vocalist can be trained in unique ways to achieve whatever that individual vocalist's dreams, goals, and hopes are for what they want to be able to do with their voice. And to say I love having a front row seat to watch, experience, coach, and celebrate their milestones with them is an understatement!

These are some of the many reasons why I love working with vocalists! It's like a playground and party for me, getting to discover and learn the incredible nuances of each voice I hear and each vocalist I work with. It's a great joy and a wonderful honor to get to support lead singers, bgv's, worship leaders, studio singers, hobby singers, and every kind of vocalist in between as they strive to bring the best of the unique voice they've been given.

Working with vocalists and being a vocalist is a long game. How your voice feels and sounds today may be completely different tomorrow. And if you put the work in to be consistent with your vocal practice and learning, your voice will definitely sound different a year from now!

Your voice can't help but tell your story. Your voice is unique to you. Your voice is more than just a sound that comes out of your mouth. It’s your mind, heart, soul, mouth, jaw, so many muscles and things working together at once to create something incredible! Don’t be afraid to use it, train it, protect it, and bring the best of it to serve your purpose and others. I am cheering you on all the way!

Happy Singing!


Do you need support as you work to grow as a vocalist? Send me a msg here! I'd love to talk about how I can support and coach you as you work to bring your best.

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