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Vocal Fundamentals Week 6: Vocal Slides

Today, we're talking about vocal fundamental #6: VOCAL SLIDES


Simply put, a vocal slide is when you start on one note and slide up or down to another note. I prefer to use and teach octave vocal slides, because they give great movement to the vocal cords and aid in ear training as well.


You might be asking, "What is an octave?"


An octave is a series of 8 notes...for example, you start on a C note, slide up to the next highest C, and then slide back down to your starting C. That's an octave slide.


Typically, I suggest to all of my vocal coaching clients to use vocal slides towards the end of your vocal warmups. Because this exercise gives great movement to the vocal cords, you want to make sure you've already been easing into other exercises and parts of your warmup first.


For my allergy sufferers or anyone dealing with sickness today, vocal slides are a great way to get the gunk off of your cords that can accumulate and make itself known at the most inopportune times during a speech or song you're leading. You've probably experienced this. I know I have!


If your voice is tired today, or you've been recovering from an illness that seems to have shortened your range or temporarily altered the sound of your voice, I want you to use what's called an "easy onset" for your vocal slides. This means that instead of going right into a slide with an "ah" sound, you're going to add a gentle "h" sound to the beginning. You make more of a "ha" sound with your slides versus an "ah" sound.


With easy onset, your vocal cords are touching much lighter than with normal sound production. This will allow you to do this vocal slide exercise while keeping things more gentle and relaxed.


Want to hear an example of what an octave vocal slide sounds like? Click HERE to hear me singing through a regular vocal slide as well as a vocal slide with an easy onset!


Your assignment this week: do octave vocal slides at least 3 days this week. Ladies: and easy place to start is with middle C (C4). Guys: an easy place to start is with G3 (G below middle C).



If you're feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated this week with everything you have to do and with Easter coming, remember Psalm 61:2:

"When my heart is overwhelmed,

lead me to THE ROCK

that is higher than I."


 God knows. He's got you. Take it to Him. Don't give up. We need the unique voice and gifts and assignments that God has given you.


Always feel free to reach out and let me know if you need support or prayers or have a question. I'm here to help, and I don't want you to go one more day feeling like you can't put your best voice forward!

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